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    The Language

    Inspired by, but not based on, Basque and Swedish, Amjati is probably my most ambitious conlang. It features an attempt at an ergative-absolutive language with a modest case system and three levels of politeness.

    The formal name is Mejaz Amjatiam /mejaz amʲati.am/ an it translates to 'the language of the people.' Often though it is simply referred to as mejaz by the Amjati themselves. In English, though both the people and the language are called Amjati.

    It is generally believed that the Amjati language is a gift from the gods passed down to them through the royal family.


    Throughout this section there will be interlinear glossing used to show how the language works. To keep things short I will use abbreviations, some of which may not be standard (but hopefully intuitive in the context of this language). Below is a table showing the abbreviations and their meanings.

    Interlinear Abbreviations
    1 First Person INF Infinitive
    2 Second Person m Masculine
    3 Third Person p Polite
    ABS Absolutive pl Plural
    DAT Dative PRS Present
    DEF Definite PRSP Present Potential
    ERG Ergative PST Past
    f Feminine PSTP Past Potential
    FUT Future RLX Reflexive
    FUTP Future Potential sg Singular
    GEN Genetive t Familiar
    IDF Indefinite v Formal